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Timeless face reading

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The basis of face reading is in Taoism and has over 2,000 thousand years of research and history with roots in Tibet and China. It was a tool to diagnose health and is used today by acupuncturists in their practice. The ancients were keen observers of nature. They observed how seasons went, the life cycle of plants, animals life span, birth and death. They were able to see and apply nature for healing it was found that nature applies to people because people are a part of nature as well!

Over 2,000 years ago in the Emperors’ palace the court physicians' job was to keep everyone healthy, they were the amongst the first wholistic doctors! In those times, the physicians who were men were not allowed to touch women in diagnosing health, through this limitation they found a way to see health in the face. It was found that every feature amongst other aspects corresponded with a part of the body and could be seen in the face to determine health imbalances. Over time face reading evolved to include recognizing personality traits, someone's individual destiny, matchmaking for love and business, life decisions and guidance all seen through an individual’s unique facial features.

Someone who is trained to read a client's facial map can observe a client's health status often before it manifests, their personality how they see the world, what they need to be happy, their struggles, unique gifts and talents, future opportunities and potential destiny. The method of face reading I have learned and practice is that in client's features there are no good or bad, “lucky or unlucky” faces. Everyone's face and features have special characteristics, strengths and weaknesses that are true to the individual are there to serve them and their unique path and tells a story of who they are meant to be and is a guide to their destiny.

Lets talk about a few facial features and what they might mean!

The forehead

The forehead and hairline have to do with the time of life of mid-teens to the 20’s. When looking at someone's forehead you will notice there are a lot of different shapes! Here's a couple examples to get you going.

Someone with a short, flat forehead likes to get in and do things right away, they get involved in just doing things and not give it too much thought. This sort of forehead owner learns best by on the job training and wouldn't do as well with having to learn from a book or theory that would drive them nuts! The downside would be they might leap before they look. Someone with a high forehead actually can learn from a book or manual before doing something they often need to think about things and mull over especially before they take action. They may enjoy research, they like to study, its pretty common for them to say " I need to think about it” because they really do before they make a decision especially big decisions! The downside would be over thinking, procrastinating and not taking action. If someone has a high and rounded forehead is an indication of having a good imagination.

The Nose

The nose relates to the lungs and the time of life of someone in their 40’s usually when people are coming into their own. It’s a time of becoming more real and who you authentically are. Often people in their 40’s find, what worked in the past doesn't work anymore and they are letting go. With nose size, a small nose is someone who can potentially get along in groups really well, they can easily live with other people and work closely with people in a job setting and they enjoy collaboration. Their motto is “work smarter not harder”. Someone with a large nose can be independent; they may strive to be a leader in their field, they often like to be “first best and only” at what they do. They may work a lot, work long hours and have a streak of perfectionism. A person with a large nose may really need alone time to gather their thoughts and energy when they go home from work or being out in the world. When looking at nose size its in proportion to the rest of the face.

This woman has a very large nose which indicates leadership, pride, sensitivity and great independence.

The Mouth

The mouth is related to stomach, digestion, relationships, generosity, and receptivity. The timeline around the mouth is the 50’s. If the corners of the lips go beyond the width of the nostrils it is considered a large mouth and can be a sign of generosity and according to Chinese medicine means the person should have a little weight on them! There are many Hollywood female actors that have a very wide mouth, Julia Roberts is a great example. A small mouth is considered small in width if it’s smaller than the width of the nostrils. Full lips can indicate a giving nature whereas thin lips may have some challenge with giving in some ways. It’s not good or bad it’s the way someone is set up and should be looked at in context of the rest of the features. The shape of the lips can indicate important information if someone has a pointed upper area of the lip like a cupids bow, that is someone who has a sensitive stomach and may need more refined foods and cannot eat gluten or dairy for instance. Someone with lips that go straight across (like Beyonce or Julia) has a wider range of foods they can eat including very spicy foods with no problem to their digestion.

Julia Roberts is an example of a proportionally large mouth.

The Chin

The chin relates to the timeline of the 60’s. The chin relates to the kidneys, will, stubbornness, intuition, fear and courage. Someone with a large chin has a lot of willpower, they can be very stubborn and they won't budge if they don't want to, no matter how you try! If someone has a receding chin it's not a sign of weakness they often help and speak up for those who are disenfranchised as they may have been dominated in their early life.

Jay Leno the comedian, is an example of someone with an extremely large chin. When he had his nightly show he would routinely tour and do comedy shows while working on his weekly program. He has a lot of stamina and willpower to be able to work very hard and push beyond what most people would do. His very large chin shows he is stubborn and willful and has a whole lot of energy to power through life!

A great picture of stubbornness in a child and sticking the chin and jaw out !

All of us have strengths and weaknesses and there is no “good or bad” facial map; features just are and they are there for a reason. Those features are there to support us in our life path, have a story to tell us, help us be on course of who we uniquely are. My greatest joy is opening people's heart to the reflection in the mirror of who they are and support them on their journey of life.

Deborah is a graduate of the Lotus Institute premier in the art of face reading, Master Face Reader and trained in Classic feng shui and BTB feng shui by masters from China and America . Deborah loves to guide clients, reveal their true self and create a life they love.

Would you like to book an appointment for clarification on your path, relationships, creating solutions and a plan for reaching your goals? Contact Deborah for an initial consultation at:

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