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"I want to be old"

A mini case study :

Andie Macdowell is a beautiful actress who has let her hair turn grey that was causing a buzz. Andie was interviewed by the famous reporter, Katie Couric and told her that she "wants to be old". This is reflective of who she is and how important authenticity is to her. I agree with her about being "old", there is shaming in the US for getting older/aging which I choose to personally ignore. The truth is, the longer you live the wiser you become and I'm all for that. Growing Living through all the hurdles life throws and how you expand because of that, you just cant know unless you been through the ringer. There is beauty as difficult as it can be, I believe we actually get refined on a higher level if we want to.

Andie's face and birthdate tell the story.

Notice her eyebrows, they are very close to her eyes, this is a sign of someone who will stick with you and see things through, that kind of eyebrow is called "coaches eyebrow". Interestingly, in sports many coaches and players have this very eyebrow! Another note is her beautiful jawline is very prominant, many actors have this type of jaw that helps them more than other types of jaws with a drive to succeed and competition they undoubtably must face to be an actor. The term for this jaw in chinese face reading is called the "roots of the tree". The roots reflect someones values and what they believe in. With her defined jaw she definitely stands for something, stands her ground and has good determination.

Looking at this image, I almost feel like she pushed herself to go to the event where the picture was taken, maybe she really didnt want to go. I see that her jaw and prominant chin helped her with that get up and go and push through her hesitation. This is something that has served very well in the past and continues to she just wants to watch overdoing it, thoughI feel like she does as she is reaching another level of authenticity to herself. Also, It might be the lighting in the photo, but on her right side she has a sign that says she enjoys traveling as well as being treated very well like "royalty". She can be sharp in her external professional life when she gives an order to do something however her left side shows that she is much softer in her personal life.

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