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I have been sensitive to energy and highly intuitive since childhood.

Energy and intuition wasn’t acceptable in mainstream society back then.  

In my early 20’s I was severely depressed and met a mentor who introduced me to energy healing, past lives and shamanism. Through working with my mentor my depression began to lift. As I became clearer, I became interested in working with the energy of places and discovered feng shui. I also studied with native american teachers. As I began to work with feng shui in my own environment I experienced wonderful shifts and changes. I continued to study dowsing, classical and energetic feng shui from feng shui masters as well as teach. As I helped friends and clients, I saw their lives change for the better and the power and harmony of working with place.


In 2019 I returned to one of my early feng shui teachers to learn Chinese face reading. I became a certified master face reader with the world's top face reading teacher the late Lillian Pearl Bridges. I fell in love with how  I could help clients’ see who they are in a wonderful new way that created profound healing I even saw how amazingly a clients face would often look younger after a session.  This was due to a release of emotions and an emerging of the clients true self.  

I assist clients one on one through the art of face reading, intuitive guidance and feng shui.  Through the wisdom of these modalities, I guide clients in uncovering what their gifts are and take their gifts to the next level through clear defined actions aligned with a clients personal energy blueprint. 

I help identifying energetics that are ready to be released and create greater understanding and opening.  If appropriate, solutions will be offered to bring greater harmony and balance in the form of cures and or homework in alignment with a client's personal energy.

It is with great gratitude I acknowledge the lineage of my teachers and mentors, the information is not my own but part of a greater wisdom I have been blessed to be a part of. I thank and give great gratitude to Lillian Pearl Bridges and her family lineage from who I learned feng shui and face reading. The late Professor Lin Yun from whom I learned BTB feng shui.  Master Yap,  Master Raymond Lo, Master Angel de Para.  I acknowledge and thank all of the teachers I have had the good fortune to study with.

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