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About me


I am an intuitive coach


I use the tools of: 

Face reading

Nine star ki



My background in the corporate world as is applicable.


I am transparent and upfront with my intuition and tools I use.

I best serve with questions about your life that you want insight and help with. My goal is for you to walk away with deep personal insights and a plan for next steps.


What you will get:

Help guidance on your issue, problem, question. 

I will use the tools I have specialty in to help you gain clarity and new perspectives.

Your face as a guide using the taoist art of face reading.

I may get an intuitive hit. 

The cards may have an insight you haven't thought of.

Nine star ki can help with many things including life path and true calling I can help clarify what that may look like and we will work together collaborating on the best solutions and plan that is right for you right now.

I will read the energy of the year and how that will interact with your specific five element make up.


The goal of the work is personal and soul evolution.

I can help with questions about moving and strategy optimal timing.

It is with great gratitude I acknowledge the lineage of my teachers and mentors, the information is not my own but part of a greater wisdom I have been blessed to be a part of. I thank and give great gratitude to Lillian Pearl Bridges and her family lineage from who I learned feng shui and face reading. The late Professor Lin Yun ,  Master Yap,  Master Raymond Lo, Master Angel de Para,  Sara Wiseman and other teachers.  I acknowledge and thank all of the teachers I have had the good fortune to study with.

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