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I have been sensitive to energy and highly intuitive since my childhood.

Energy and intuition wasn’t acceptable in mainstream society back then.  For most of my life I put my intuition and sensitivity to the side.  I worked in the corporate world in marketing far away from my calling. I had a belief that I had to struggle to survive. This kept me down for many years.

In my early 20’s I was severely depressed and met a mentor who introduced me to energy healing, past lives and shamanism. Through working with my mentor my depression began to lift. As I became clearer, I became interested in working with the energy of places and discovered feng shui. I began to work with feng shui in my own environment and experienced wonderful shifts and changes. I continued to learn and study classical and energetic feng shui from feng shui masters. As I worked with friends and clients, I saw their lives change for the better and the power and harmony of working with place.


In 2019 I returned to one of my early feng shui teachers to learn Chinese face reading. I became a certified master face reader with the world's top face reading teacher the late Lillian Pearl Bridges. I fell in love with how when working with someone I could help clients’ see who they are in a wonderful new way that created profound healing and cleared the way for them to become the person they always wanted to be. I loved how I could use both the intuitive and logical side of my brain while helping to clear blocks holding them back and offering strategies that were easy and organic.

I decided in 2021 to enroll in a year-long spiritual intuitive development program. I felt guided to further develop my intuition and to become of greater service including an intuitive practice.

My mission is to facilitate healing wisdom, creating safe and sacred space for clients’ transformation to unfold, align with their purpose, unlock doors and open to blessings and the life they dream of and deserve.