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Face reading journal

Hello there!

It's been awhile!  Winter has been doing her thing along with all the shifts in the world that seem to keep moving us all as we merge into the early early awakening of spring like the very dim light of the sun before it hits the horizon, a reminder of nature, evolving seasons such is life, always changing. I hope you have been doing well and taking beautiful care of yourself and remembering to take deep cleansing breaths living in the moment! 

I have been learning about transforming my view of seeming obstacles in health and life situations as amazing life lessons pointing the way to grow and evolve revealing the diamond soul to expanded consciousness. Have you been running up against situations appearing to be obstacles disguised as opportunity ? It seems to be life in general these days!   These certain  times we are living in are a “life lesson 101” many are experiencing. It helps so incredibly much taking the moment to remember to stay conscious, breathe and grounded in the body. This is a practice I’ve  been doing for a while helps me so much. I hope it will help you.

I've been working with my guidance, intuition and guides much more so the past few years that has been really satisfying and feels like home.

What about you? How have you been hearing, sensing, feeling the inner voice that sometimes is so low you can barely hear it and are starting to? 

As empaths as many of us are, we pick up on the energy of people, animals, places and objects. It's highly beneficial to know what's our energy and what is not.  There are many ways to understand energy, higher guidance and both sides of the brain. For one, tuning into nature including vibrational elements of water, tree energy, fire energy, earth energy and air/ metal.  These  are a part of chinese medicine fundamentals and have been in existence for thousands of years in eastern medicine, healing and ancient shamanism and other practices. Spending time in nature is a reset and is so easy to do.  

In the practical study of body, mind and spirit we can all  receive impressions and we do this all the time without even trying when we meet someone.   Everyone has the “mask” or persona they present to the world. An ability to read the mask and its signs is a valuable tool in healing, understanding self and others. 

One aspect of the mask are the ears. 

Ears tell the story of birth, childhood, ups and downs the experiences someone had growing up. They are associated with the waters of birthing and foundation in life. Water is associated with seeds or the egg.  An easy feature to notice in some people are ears that stick out away from the head. This is someone who may not be able to hear you because they listen more to their inner dialog than to others. They may be adept at reading lips.  As children, they can be quite self-sufficient, which helps greatly when they become adults. If you know someone like this it can be a relief to learn this and not take it personally. When they tune others out it is because they are listening to their own inner dialog.  Other signs on the ear can show a life of ups and downs as a child such as: parents divorce, change or move. Signs or markings are  how the child viewed what happened and creates a marking. Someone may view a change as positive where another would not at all.    I had a client who had a very big family change in their life at age 10 that was clearly marked on their ear. I have seen this consistently with clients corresponding to experience. 

If there is an area of interest in face reading, nine star ki and intuition you would like to read about please feel free to let me know and I can talk about it in future newsletters! I am wishing you much happiness, great abundance, inner peace and joy in this new year of the Wood Dragon!

I am available for intuitive face readings on a limited basis.  My readings are for those who are sincerely open, have a desire to go deep, willing to witness both sides of light and shadow within, are open and ready for new ways of seeing.

What can you expect from a reading?

I work with my intuition, guidance I may receive as well as practicality of the signs on the face corresponding to body mind and spirit.  I will look at your birthdate through the lens of nine star ki that show who you are at the deepest level and your evolution including what to expect for you in 2024.

I best serve with questions about your life vs a request to “just read me”. Examples are:  lifelong challenges, transitions, understanding self on a deeper level, a sincere desire to grow and openness. My intention is for clients to walk away empowered to make positive changes, insight and fresh perspectives.

Please note, I do not diagnose health as I am not a doctor.

Contact me with any question you may have and if you want to make an appointment please reach me at:


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