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The Shen

Inner Shen

Shen is the inner spirit, an aspect of Chinese medicine and is one of many things I use in my work with clients in face reading. Face reading is based on a little known aspect of Chinese medicine, spirit healing that reveals someone’s true inner nature, who they are meant to be and the life they are supposed to be living. The beauty of face reading is it is so freeing, healing, validating what a client already knows in their heart of hearts, guiding them to get back on track to what is true for them and part of that is someone's shen or spirit.

Shen lives in your heart. It's visible in the light of someone’s eyes, skin, energy and enhances intuition. Shen has many different forms, it's alive in spirit, vitality and you have probably seen it clearly in some people whose skin seems to glow from within and not from cosmetics, do you know what I mean?

Shen can definitely be cultivated and I recommend it! A practice is to get into your heart, live and listen to your heart. Take a walk in nature, gather the chi energy of the wild outdoors, woods or the ocean, admire flowers and their beauty, go outside at night and look at the stars and the moon, gaze at the magnificence of the universe! Do things that make you happy that make life worth living, have fun!

When living from the heart, life becomes magic, if you live from your head you lose the magic.

Everyone has shen to varying degrees and depending on so many things. Life, events, circumstances, health, emotions affect our spirit, life isn’t always simple or easy. When reflecting on hard times especially these days in our world it is so important to be present in our bodies and fully in our shen. If we’ve had difficult times that have affected us we can begin to ask what was the good that came out of the event or circumstance? How did you grow, are you more compassionate, kinder, wiser? What treasure of your evolution came out of it, however it may appear.

I have so learned over time that the difficult times are preparation for better times to come. When I look at the cycling yin and yang symbol it reminds me hard times have to give way to good times just as night turns to day to night it's part of life, impermanent. Though it just seems as I learn more through experience, hard times seem to get easier to deal with! I wanted to offer some actions to balance shen that I have found helpful according to the five elements of change you might enjoy.

Wisdom calms fear.

Human kindness pacifies anger.

Happiness and love warms and opens the heart.

Learned instinct moves you in the right direction.

Gratitude lightens grief.

Simple but profound when looked at a bit deeper, a great reminder and practice.

Deborah Walston is a graduate of the Master Face Reading program of the Lotus Institute with Lillian Pearl Bridges. Deborah will soon be certified as a Master Face Reader! She works with clients using the tools of Chinese spirit medicine and intuitive guidance to support clients in living the best life they can imagine.

Deborah loves to help clients on their life's journey using the tools of Chinese face reading and intuitive guidance, contact Deborah with questions you may have about this profound work and how she may assist with your unique path.

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