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Angelina Jolie is an amazing actress and humanitarian. Her features reflect someone who is very driven, generous and has high ideals. What stands out when I look at her has always been her full lips, mouth, strong jawline and the light in her eyes.

In face reading, mouth size and fullness of lips reflects a level of receptivity, generosity, relations with others, relationship with mother and gut health. The fullness of her mouth shows someone who is a mother archetype, and we see this with her being a mother of six children of which three she has adopted and given generously to their native countries including buying land for wildlife preservation and creating nature preserves in her child’s name. The ends of her lips in this picture curve slightly up that means she is someone who is optimistic about her life. In the picture below her mouth and lips appear puffy and a little dry. The puffiness, almost swollen look and color of her lips shows that she had digestive issues at the time this picture was taken. As I briefly mentioned, the mouth reflects relationships with others as well as with mother. I am not sure if she has her lips altered with fillers. Injecting lip fillers can affect relationships in an unbalanced way because of altering what was meant to be the original form and shape. It is possible if Angelina put fillers in her lips, it may have affected her marriage with her ex-husband Brad.

Jawlines are called the “roots of the tree” in Chinese medicine and in face reading. A strong defined jawline has to do with judgment of self and others and values. Being able to size up situations quickly as well as having a lot of drive and competitiveness are attributes of a strong jaw. The movie business is very competitive and takes a lot of drive to succeed. Many actors have very strong jaw lines as does Angelina that has helped her to compete in the movie business and will continue supporting her to contribute including her values in her humanitarian endeavors.

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Face reading journal

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