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The face reading journal

Face mapping aka face reading is a branch of Chinese medicine that has been practiced and documented for over 2,000 years as a tool to understand someone and others at a deeper level. Its psychology tailored to who you are, not someone else's idea of who you are. Our face reveals emotions, talents, tendencies and can indicate signs of illness often before they are detected with a standard test. It's a fascinating study with understanding can lead you to your life path. There are some acupuncturists who use face reading in their practices along with other modalities because it's so useful to help clients in identifying the root of illnesses and trauma.

The study of this amazing art can take up volumes. I'm going to talk about areas of the facial map known as “decision making zones”. The zones comprise the entire face divided into thirds that are called the upper, middle and lower. All three areas have unique characteristics, all are important, and neither is better than the other. Learning about the zones helps understand yourself in a greater way and is so valuable in understanding loved ones and people we know and work with.

Face reading is based upon the philosophy of Taoism that includes the I Ching and feng shui. when we talk about the three decision areas and the Tao they relate to the concept of heaven, humans and earth. Heaven being the upper zone, humans the middle and earth the lower.

Everyone is born with a special blueprint for their life. Individually we see life with our own unique outlook and lens based upon where we came from, our family, background, schools just to name a few influences. An understanding of someone's facial map gives us a greater understanding why we, or someone may act in the way they do and how they might make decisions in the future. As individuals we can't always see how we are going about life, we all have our own unique blinders. Maybe we're on auto pilot and don't give it much thought actually because it works!

There is a saying by Aristotle; “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Inner exploring allows you to know yourself on a deeper level and face reading helps in self-discovery revealing who we uniquely are.

When I look at someone in a reading, I always take into consideration the areas of decision and how prominent or not they may appear and how distinctive an area may be, how proportionate everything looks. If one area is in a greater proportion to the others it influences how that person may think and make decisions.

The first area of decision making is the upper zone. The upper zone is measured from the upper hairline to the top of the eyebrows. The upper zone is also called the “mental zone”. If this area appears large, then it is dominant in the map of the face. An example of a large and rounded forehead can mean that a person will think a lot before they make a decision. They really value research before going ahead and then may need to think about it even more! A common statement they may say is “I have to think about it”! They are the kind of person who can learn how to do something from reading a book where another type of forehead shape can learn best by not reading but by doing on the job training. Neither is better than the other; each has their own viewpoint that works for them and is how they are meant to be. Someone with a dominant upper zone and rounded forehead often has a good imagination, thinks creatively, great in coming up with creative ideas and projects. They may be an artist, writer, engineer, anything that requires a lot of thought. They are very good thinkers! Don't ask them what they feel though because they spend a lot of time in their head! Though thoughtful, creative and imaginative, depending on the rest of their makeup if not aware of this tendency might need help putting ideas into forward action because of thinking so much they may overthink for an extra-long time.

Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory is an example of someone who has a dominant forehead / upper zone! His role as a scientist definitely reflects someone who lives in their head, a characteristic of a person with a prevalent upper zone!

Someone with a smaller forehead area likes to do things first and think later often. They don't spend a lot of time thinking about things! In this picture of Teresa of the housewives show, you can see she has a very small upper zone. She's proven she is a woman of action that has landed her in some “interesting” situations!

Middle zone

The middle zone area has to do with the middle area of the face that is measured from the area below the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose. How can you tell If this area is dominant? Does the area seem to be large in proportion to the rest of the face? is there a large nose that seems to take up much of the face? Then the middle zone is dominant!

The middle zone has to do with “humans” in the heaven, man and earth philosophy of Taoism.

A dominant middle zone indicates someone whose very practical. They don't want to waste time, energy and money. They will make lists, value being pragmatic and common sense, they will do comparison shopping before buying something and they want something expensive for less, they want a bargain! They can run into problems when they see something of value for a lot cheaper if they don't really love it but are dazzled by the bargain! If they get blinded by the deal, they can end up getting stuck with something that doesn't make them truly happy. Over time they learn that it's worth it to pay a little more and be happier with something and a discount doesn't hurt either!

Here are two examples of women who have large middle zones. In these examples the women have large noses though someone can still have a large middle zone and a small nose.

This woman's middle area and nose are not only dominant she is very curious and likes to get to the bottom of things!

Here is another one, her nose is an example of someone who is a trailblazer!

Lower Zone

The lower zone area is measured from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The lower zone includes the chin, jaw and philtrum.

In face reading, the chin relates to will and the jaw relates to judgment. In Chinese medicine these are associated with the elements of water and wood. The water element is all about endurance, willfulness, intuition and flow and the wood element is about judgment, doing and getting things done. Sometimes this area is large, but you can't really see a jaw line, or it seems to disappear into the neck that doesn't matter in terms of zone dominance the lower area is still dominant if it is large.

Jay Leno is a great example of someone with a strong third zone. People with a strong third zone area can be intuitive, willful, controlling and determined. They can power through life using their tremendous willpower and can be stubborn! What is amazing is Jay used to do 210 comedy shows a year while he did his weekly late-night show! Jays powerful will and endurance is reflected quite strongly in his features.

If you would like to learn more about your facial map and more, Deborah is currently accepting clients for one-on-one readings!

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