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Interesting times

It's been a very interesting time that we're all going through globally that is keeping us at home sheltering mandated to avoid spreading of the virus. Until recently, I was working at my "day job" and like my co workers was furloughed. The silver lining is an opportunity to dedicate to this amazing practice, continue studies in the Master Face reading course by my wonderful teacher Lillian Pearl Bridges. I'm Diving deeper, writing, and offering readings / coaching online. In addition to readings, I am offering feng shui consultations. I have studied and practiced feng shui since the 90's, I apply classical compass, form school feng shui and energy work according to what is needed. Feng shui applies the wisdom from the earth and cosmos aligning to assist in creating an environment to flourish. I acknowledge and thank my teachers for this wisdom!

The five elements are a major part of Chinese medicine of which face reading is a branch of. There’s a legend that a certain pattern representing the five elements appeared on the back of a turtle coming out of a river that was given by a goddess to the Wu (shamaness) over 5,000 years ago. It was discovered that the five elements are the wisdom and key to how all of life works! They may be thought of as energy that is the basis of all life, the five elements are : water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The five elements also known as the five transformations are the basis of not only Chinese medicine they include; feng shui, healing, body type, personality, health, Chinese astrology, colors, shapes, structures, countries, cycles of time, events, politics to name a few!

As I mentioned, face reading is a branch of Chinese medicine. The three branches of Chinese Medicine are acupuncture, face reading and feng shui. Over 2,000 years ago, face reading was used as a tool by the physicians of the Emperor of China's court. The physicians weren't allowed to take a pulse or touch women in the palace, what they discovered was they could determine health by looking at the facial map! Over time as face reading was researched and developed, it was found not only were they able to observe a person’s health, wellness, they could determine personality, path in life, destiny, opportunities and challenges by the person’s features as they are woven as a whole. The face readers were the original spirit healers, therapists and coaches whom people would consult for help with life questions, compatibility in a marriage partner, who to do business with or not, someone's golden path, natural talents, and other concerns just like we do today!

To a professional face reader, the facial map doesn't lie, it shows who a person really is, what they like or not, where they have been, how much they've suffered. The facial map is used to see potentials in health, course correct, guide to change what isn’t working, answer why something may not be working, and what would work best for that person. It's all there right on the face ! Everyone is so different there's not a “one size fits all” to anything in face reading it’s so individual why I love it so much !

The question of wrinkles comes up pretty often. Wrinkles show where we've come from, what we've been through, learned, character, strengths, tell about life experiences and help myself as the reader to see patterns and guide clients to open to possibilities. There's a wrinkle commonly known as “crows feet” on the outside of the eyes that form from a person smiling. Sometimes people get upset about those lines and have them filled in, that's a mistake! The great thing about those lines is well, they're known as “joy lines” and one thing they show is a heart that is continuing to open, isn't that beautiful? I read a study that people actually feel more receptive to others who have joy lines outside their eyes verses without! Joy lines show that when someone is smiling, it's a genuine smile ! Have you ever noticed someone who smiles and it seems fake? That's because they aren't genuinely smiling! By the way, a non-genuine smile causes wrinkling to show up somewhere else on the face ! In the picture below of the daughter and father, he has joy lines on the outer edges of his eyes, it's a beautiful example of what joy lines look like.

The interesting thing about joy lines they are related to the element of fire. In the body, fire element includes the heart. Fire has to do with connecting hearts with others whether that's with friends, loved ones or people you run into during the day, sending and receiving little sparks of joy. It's about the joy of life and what lights you up in life and bringing more of that into your experience. There's something called "shen" related to fire that has to do with someone's radiance when their spirit is "lit up". Shen is something you can see in someone that is an inner radiance. I find that consciously cultivating things that make me happy tend to bring up my shen / spirit and I smile more. By the way, cultivating things that make you happy is a great beauty treatment!

If you're interested in learning deep wisdom about yourself, would like support in any area of life, I'm offering readings via Skype. I'm also offering packages including feng shui, face reading with ongoing support and coaching.

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