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Features in face reading

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The way I've learned face reading is that every feature is there for a reason, it's there for your individual life plan, your evolution that you signed up for. There is not a "bad, lucky or unlucky" feature in someone's face, a person's features has many layers that are unique and true for them. As my clients learn about those meanings they move into a greater understanding and alignment in their life that their face was showing them. Health concerns may be seen very early by looking at the face, that's where the ancient physicians used this tool in preventive medicine. I'm not trained in health diagnosis, I use this work in helping someone's spirit that certainly can help with health.

I wanted to talk a little bit about a few of this beautiful woman's features in the picture below from the perspective of face reading.

Looking at our subject, I notice her lovely large eyes that tell me she takes in a lot of information from the world, more than most people and she may be a bit of a sponge to the people and energy around her if she's not aware. There is a deep quality to her eyes. Her eyes and other features show that she is the type of person who can be judgmental of herself and others yet she's open. She enjoys and needs to express herself verbally, she may want to share how her day was when she comes home, she'll want to talk about it vs. wanting to spend quiet time away from people to recharge.

She is the kind of person who learns by doing she doesn’t spend allot of time in her head thinking things over, she’s not going to study books before she does something, she wants to get her hands on things and learn by experience, her forehead and hairline inform me of this trait. Her eyebrows indicate she has a good head on her shoulders and may be at times be reactive. Other features show that she has a dose of practicality and she goes by her intuition and, or feelings. I'll use buying a car as an example of how she may think based upon the features I mentioned. She would want to know all the details before she buys, how much it’s going to cost, getting the best deal, reliability & insurance. Since she’s intuitive and goes by her feelings, she might sense how does the car feel when she sits in it, the look, the smell ? She might not worry too much about cost, she just knows the car’s for her and that’s why she went with her choice! Depending on her experience she may have learned to override her intuition or work with both, hopefully she uses her good practicality of wanting the best deal along with her intuitive sense!

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