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What Chinese element belongs to Autumn how does that apply to life ?

Chinese Face Reading (CFR) is an ancient branch of Chinese medicine that’s over 3,000 years old. From this ancient science, it was found that a person’s facial features corresponded with specific organs of the body indicating levels of health and wellness. Over time not only could someone’s level of health be seen in the face, it was discovered that their personality could also be read!

Face Readers were the original life guides, who used the spiritual principles of Chinese medicine to heal clients’ spirits, solve their problems and help them to achieve success in life. People sought out the face readers asking for advice, who to marry, who to trust in business and life path questions.

In Chinese medicine, nature is regarded in creating balance.

The season of Autumn is associated with the element of metal in Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, balance is valued in all things and nature is a perfect example of that balance. In examining metal, it’s nature is to keep what’s valuable and release what’s not needed.

In the season of Autumn, the trees leaves fall away to the forest floor nourishing their roots as they grow deeper further supporting the trees growth and helping the forest. As we’re a part of nature too, we can flow along with the spirit of Autumn letting go of what doesn’t serve making way for something even better to come in the next cycle.

An Autumn, metal exercise to try out if you like, ask yourself were there any goals or dreams that didn’t come to fruition this year? Was it not their time, need more time to develop? Do they need compost and come back into a new, better form that's perfect for you? Let me tell you, I sure have had quite a few goals and dreams compost over the years to come back into many different forms !

Spiritually Autumn supports your ability to release and let go.

If you ever read Chinese poetry about the Autumn season it’s always so sad and involves weeping! In fact, weeping is an expression of the Metal Element. Letting go is not always easy and requires release. During Autumn, depending on our disposition, the Metal Element is more prone to move out of harmony. When our internal Metal Element is deficient, emotional energy moves towards depression and sadness. If our internal metal element is excessive, we become stiff and inflexible. Often emotional imbalance in the Metal Element arises from resistance to the flow of life, especially at times of transition or loss. Resistance to change commonly manifests this time of year in seasonal allergies, seasonal flu and moodiness. Maintaining a daily practice of self-love and to remind our soul that the present moment has everything we need can help us by just taking a moment throughout the day to breathe deeply into the lungs filling them with life-force energy and breathing out stagnation, this too is a simple way of aligning with fall and balancing your own metal element while moving through the wheel of the season.

Deborah is a five-element coach who uses the principles of Chinese medicine in Chinese face reading to support client’s life transitions in a way that aligns clients to their authentic path. She does this by offering Chinese Face Readings, Birth date readings and classes. Deborah's available by Skype and in person. Deborah has studied with top world expert in Chinese Face Reading, Lillian Bridges and professor of face reading Jean Haner.

Please contact Deborah for an initial complementary 20 minute exploratory call at 704-713-7359 or

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