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The face reading journal, eyebrows

The face reading journal

Eyebrows frame the face and create impressions of who we are they are the focus of beauty because they are so important to how we look. Their shape, thickness, length all tells something about health, wellness and personality. In Chinese medicine the nature image of the tree is associated with eyebrows and are called “the leaves of the tree”. The eyebrows are associated with judgement and the liver and tell many things about liver health and how someone goes about their life. Interestingly western medicine admits that the outer edges of the eyebrow reflect thyroid health.

Thick full eyebrows show someone with self-confidence a lot of passion and drive in life it and reflects a strong liver. These are people who like to do, they can get things done. People with this trait can create a vision for where they want to go. On the flip side they can struggle with anger and impatience.

Eyebrows that are low, close to the eyes like to be involved in others' lives they can get stressed out if people are not living up to their expectations though they are very good at sticking with someone and helping them through rough times.

Arched eyebrows

Eyebrows that arch up like the Nike symbol think quickly are decisive; can act quickly however they can also be impatient. They should be mindful of acting before they think things through on important things. This is especially true if the eyebrow just tilts up and does not have a downward point from the arch.