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Cosmetic Procedures

The cosmetics industry is a huge business that has a vested interest in making women and some men believe they must look a certain way. We see this in advertisements, movies and being reinforced in daily life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look vibrant and healthy, as with all things balance is key. So in wanting to look good, it’s common to have the forehead and lines between the eyebrows filled in with botox as a desire to get rid of those seemingly ugly lines. In Chinese medicine, face reading the area between the eyebrows relates to critical thinking, concentrating, it’s also related to the liver. What's amazing is there's been studies that show that filling that area of the face affects the amygdala a part of the brain that relates to empathy. In the study it was shown that the subjects who had the area filled with botox or other fillers couldn’t make expressions therefore their brain couldn’t receive the signal that relates to empathy, the subject’s empathy for others was affected. They were not able to have empathy which takes away a part of being human and caring! By altering your face you alter your energy and your life, as you change on the inside your face changes on the outside. If you’re going to have any cosmetic surgery I recommend booking a consultation to move forward with greater awareness before the procedure and how it might affect.

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