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Face reading is actually an ancient branch of Chinese medicine, which is thousands of years old!  The ancient physicians began to notice patterns of features and markings in people’s faces that consistently correlated to certain types of illnesses or health issues. So it was originally a diagnostic tool, and can still be used that way today.


However, as they started using face reading to diagnose health, they soon came to realize that they could also diagnose people’s personalities. There are patterns in the details of your face that reveal your inner nature, how you tend to think, and feel and behave, what you need to be happy in life, even what kinds of relationships or careers are a good fit for you. 


In fact, in ancient China, it was the face readers that people went to for help with matchmaking, career guidance, and self-knowledge. Thousands of years ago, face readers were the original personal coaches and therapists!


We are all born with a unique blueprint for our lives. We tend to desire a certain way of living, career or person often we don’t understand why.     As a child you freely expressed your true self but were raised by parents who had different natures, adjusted to friends and teachers, had life experiences that made it difficult to be who you really are.  Your potential lies within to be discovered and expressed. 


Who you are is read in the map of your face.  It is reflected in your features such as the size of your eyes, mouth, the thickness of your eyebrows for example.   All of your features explain the way you think and behave in the way you do.


Every trait including those you judge in a negative way will illuminate a strength,  a positive trait waiting to be expressed. You will no longer waste energy judging yourself or trying to fix something that you think is wrong. 


 Since we each have a unique blueprint and if we build our lives based on that blueprint, we just naturally make the right choices, that end up attracting healthy relationships and leading us to our true calling.    It’s like you have a map of who you’re meant to be, and how you’re meant to live your life, and if you follow that map, you’ll navigate life successfully and get to the right destination,  the one that is just right for you! 


A face reading will include a birthdate reading that has nothing to do with astrology or Chinese astrology but has to do with  how patterns of energy move through time.


The day you were born you received a unique set of personal patterns that existed in nature  at that time and affect your daily experience of life.  


With an understanding of these patterns we can get a highly accurate view of your true nature that will help you with living a life with greater ease, and fulfillment.



How Can CFR help you?


  • Help and clarity in your true calling, true life path

  • Better relationship with self, loved ones and friends

  • Acceleration in career

  • Discovering and validating talents and abilities

  • Help with dating and identifying potential partners who are a good fit

  • Evaluating perspective employers 

  • Clarity and peace

  • Increase personal evolution 

  • In business evaluate potential partners and employees

Client Testimonials 

"Deborah's insight on who I am, what my opportunities and gifts are, as well as the nature of my relationships with my children just through reading my face truly blew me away.  In fact, she was so accurate, I paid close attention to her advice and, once I followed what she suggested, I noticed almost immediate change.  This is such a fantastic, authentic means of introspecting - and Deborah observes who we are from a place of love and complete non-judgment."  J.M.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing a Chinese face reading with Debra Walston in 2018. I found the information she was able to share with me insightful and in hindsight pretty accurate.  Debra shared with me how the world sees me and how I respond or react.  Armed With that information I have been able to take steps to make changes in my life to be more open to other people.  Most importantly she pointed out some areas with my health and how some small changes could impact my overall well being.
I would recommend Debra to anyone wanting to know themselves better and looking for guidance for self-improvement.

I am thinking I need another reading as it’s been a year full of changes! "  R.

 All I can say is "Intriguing" !! 

   "Never had a Face Reading?  Deborah is spot on!! If you love intuitive readings, Tarot, and or numerology then this is something you should definitely do!! Deb has a strong spirit and an easy demeanor that make it very calming and inspiring to sit for a session. You'll be surprised at what your face can tell her! "  A.L.