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The day you were born you received a unique set of personal patterns that existed in nature  at that time and affect your own daily experience of life.  


There is a  harmonious design of who you are and timing for your life just as there is in nature.   In the spring,  plants are waking up from their slumber underground to grow more and more as the sun grows brighter and the days warmer and longer,  to the phase of flowering, seeds for the future, then winter returning to the earth to repeat the cycle in spring. 


You wouldn't want to go outside in the middle of winter in a bathing suit  or expect a tomato plant to grow in the yard in the middle of winter up north.   As it is with timing in your life, when you align with your personal patterns, you are carried by life you are no longer fighting against the current.


Personal patterns may be compared to laws of nature.    Every year supports us differently  that ultimately is for our personal evolution. With this knowledge, you can create greater harmony in your life verses going against the flow.  To give examples, some years support moving house other years you are meant to stay home and not move.  There are years are supportive in getting projects off the ground, to name a few.