This ancient tool has been tested and tried for over 2000 years in peoples personal and professional lives and can definitely help with modern day life !  CFR is based upon your inherent talents, gifts using your face as a map that shows you the way as well as how you may have veered off course.  A session allows you to be able to create change in a way that is natural for your specific energy in a way that does not cause you to effort or push but in a way that is suited to your specific blueprint.


Reading your birth date information is not astrology or Chinese astrology, it is based on ancient principles of Chinese medicine.  The system is the oldest form of personality typing in the world some say it’s 7000 years old other say it’s 12,000 years old but it doesn’t really matter how old but rather how accurate it is.  Having a reading will bring insights and aha moments that validate who you are, your path and future direction in an amazingly accurate way.