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                  ABOUT ME


I am a transformational guide. I love to help clients connect with their golden path I help clients with  life transitions, career, true calling. I am a graduate of the Master Certification program in Chinese face reading from the Lotus Institute.  In addition to face reading, I have been a Feng Shui consultant since the 1990's.  I have studied both form and compass schools in feng shui.  In client readings, I use the tools of Chinese face reading and birthdate to help clients gain realization and evolution on their unique life path.  


 I am humbly grateful to all  of my teachers for passing on their wisdom and being a part of a lineage of those who came before.

With appreciation to my teachers, Lillian Pearl Bridges,  Angel DePara, Raymond Lo, Carol Cannon, Carol Bridges, Master Yap, Professor Lin, Denise Linn.

Deborah lives in Matthews NC with her husband and two cats.