ABOUT ME


I've been on the path of  kindness, wisdom and compassion for over 30 years.  As a child I was sensitive to the energies of people and places.  It wasn't until as an adult that I learned about energy and healing from my teachers  and it all began to make sense why I felt that way!   In my late 20's while in a women's spiritual group, I read a book on feng shui by William Spear that  resonated on such a  deep level,  it was the seed that began my interest in Chinese philosophy, healing, shamanism,  feng shui and Chinese face reading.    As I have over the years studied with my Chinese and American teachers subjects such as , healing,  feng shui, I Ching, Chinese Astrology, Space Clearing and Chinese Face Reading  I've grown with great respect and awe for this work, how it has not only transformed my life and those of family, friends and clients.  I am humbly grateful to all  of my teachers for passing on their wisdom and being a part of a lineage of those who came before.

With appreciation, Jean Haner, Lillian Pearl Bridges, Angel DePara, Raymond Lo, Carol Cannon, Carol Bridges, Master Yap, Professor Lin, Denise Linn

Deborah lives in Matthews NC with her loving husband and two cats.

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